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Be The Voice

Be The Voice of Your Business

Build your confidence to be the voice that allows your business to change the world

Group Experiences

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The Elemental Business

Business Design Mentoring

Holistic, energy led mentoring to develop your business’s full leadership role.

A deep programme of one to one support, guidance and mentoring dynamically adapted to offer you what you need from one moment to the next.

Workshops & Resources

Elemental Alchemy

The elements of earth, air, fire and water play a big role in your personal expression and that of your business. In the alchemy of energies, magic is born. Take a first step in this world with Elemental Alchemy – a guided journey through the energy of expression.

Looking for the original Element of Expression quiz ? Click here.

Business Energetics Workshops

Frequency and Strategy

Energy into Action Demonstration

A live demonstration of working with energetic frequencies to create a strategy for business design and development. (Free)

Cultivating Intuitive Wisdom in Business

Cultivating Intuitive Wisdom

A practical workshop sharing tools you can use to elevate your intuitive wisdom to a core business tool. (Free)

The Activated Entrepreneur

The Activated Entrepreneur

An on demand business retreat to embody the change that has been building and become the new. (Donations Invited)

Your Soul's Desire Free Workshop

Your Soul’s Desire

What you desire wants to speak to you.

But it won’t push. It needs to be allowed in.

Join me to create some stillness and space to hear your soul’s desire. (Free)

Soul Words Workshop

Soul Words

Your words are the gateways of your energy. Consciously curating your words empowers you to share the energy you hold within through the language you use. (PWYW)

The Energy of Collaboration

The Energy of Collaboration

This workshop explores the role of collaboration in business and how we can collaborate with ourselves and others to thrive in the changing consciousness that is driving business development. (Free)

Playing on the Creative Edge

Business Energetics masterclass series to expand into your business’s fullest expression and potential. (Pay What You Want)

Magnetic - Client Attraction Workshop


Become a beacon of energy that connects to your future clients and community. Experience life beyond marketing. (Free)

Energetic Messaging

Energetic Messaging

The energy summons the words, the words cannot summon the energy.Find out how to create your message, easily and naturally, by immersing yourself in the energy of communication. (Free)

The Minimalist Business

The Minimalist Business

Simplifying and streamlining your business will create space and capacity to increase your impact.

In this video, I share some tools and techniques to discern what is right and what you can let go by dropping into the energy of your business.

Creative Expansion Workshop

Creative Expansion

Activate your creative intelligence to move beyond a block or limit in your business. (Free)

Legacy Leadership

Legacy Leadership

Activate your presence to engage your leadership energy. (Free)

Frequency to Form

Frequency to Form

Listen to the energy of your business and allow the frequency to flow into form. Introducing a natural, organic way to create your business and increase its impact. (Free)

Energetic Branding

Energetic Branding

Unlock your brand expression by exploring the energy frequencies that connect your business to your audience. (Free)

Create your Perfect Marketing Strategy

Create your Perfect Marketing Strategy

Don’t follow the crowd or lock yourself into a blueprint – find the perfect marketing strategy for your business (Free)

Package and Price your Services

Package and Price your Services

Work with the energy to create packages that flow and prices that feel good. (Free)

Conscious Connection

Conscious Connection

Marketing will be experiencing some dramatic shifts as we evolve our business model. Conscious connection is an approach that works with energy rather than logic. (Free)

The Evolved Business - Consciously Creating Your Soul Business

The Evolved Business

Business is evolving and your business can step into the role of leading the change. (Free)

Expanding Capacity for Growth

Expanding Capacity

Move past your glass ceilings by expanding your capacity to create and receive in your business. (Free)

Welcome to Soul Expression Alchemy

I’m Polly Hearsey, Mentor to conscious entrepreneurs who are creatively expressing their purpose through their business.

Watching entrepreneurs bend themselves out of shape to bring their business to the world (including myself) was the catalyst for creating a different way to be in business. Most of what passes for business know-how is deeply uncomfortable and challenging for conscious entrepreneurs – after all, our businesses are born of passion and purpose, we have a deeply personal connection to them. Blueprints and standard advice are so impersonal that they feel wrong and if it feels wrong it isn’t going to work.

This is your business. It needs to be done your way. My goal, my mission is to support you to find that way and be courageous enough to act on it. I’m here to help you bring your gifts to the world and for your business to be a vehicle of positive change.

Discover more about me and my work with Business Design, Business Energetics, Energetic Marketing and more on my website.

Polly Hearsey Business Energetics Mentor