Activating Your Business Energetics for Growth & Impact


It’s got to feel right

This is non-negotiable


Traditional business and marketing models aren’t right. Not for you.

But you’ve had to compromise because you needed to grow your business. Where else was there to start?

It didn't feel right and it didn't create the results you were looking for.


Your frustration levels are off the scale and you are ready to draw a line underneath this. 

You want another way. 

You want, and need, to move forwards now, on your own terms. 


You want to discover what you are truly capable of and you don’t want your marketing or your systems or any part of your business holding you back.

You are ready to create the legacy foundations of your business. 

You are ready to create real growth and real impact. 

You are ready for 2019 

The Energetics Academy 2019 is where you will discover how to


Design a business and a marketing approach that lights you up from the inside out.

Produce real, sustainable growth that feeds your energy and takes you step by step towards your vision.

Follow a clear, precise and focused framework while giving you the freedom to follow your intuition.


Business and marketing can be soul first. You can create what your soul is calling for


Join us in the Energetics Academy for 2019 to clear out all the conventional tools and systems that are frustrating you and bring in exactly what you need to fuel your growth and feed your soul. 


The Academy will get you off the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs in your profit and your energy. 

We are going to create a solid foundation for steady, consistent growth that will underpin your business in 2019 and beyond.


You will learn the tools and strategies to be a leader in a new way of business

Energetics is a new approach to business development and marketing. It combines the energies of your soul, your business and the elements to bring rhythm, creativity and inspiration to every part of your business. 


The conventional approaches to business are system led and process driven and typically they cripple your natural energy. Your inherent strengths get buried under requirements that feed the system and not your business. Energetics puts your soul and your energy right in the centre of every design decision and communication strategy. If it amplifies your energy it’s in, if it doesn’t, it’s out. You get to work with what works for you, be yourself and let go of what doesn’t light you up. 


The Academy is where you can bring your natural energies into play to bring new levels of clarity and direction. You will stretch your vision of what is possible for you and create a crystal clear plan of action to get you there. 


During the Academy you will create a business model and marketing framework that will position you to create your legacy. 


  • You will design your model to create more growth opportunities for you. 
  • You will design offers that deliver the transformation that only you can within a model that grows your community naturally and sustainably. 
  • You will create a powerful message and be sharing it confidently where it will bring the greatest impact. 
  • And you will build a strategy for future growth that will dynamically adapt to your evolution. 


This is soul inspired and soul led business

Where will your soul take you?

Join the Energetics Academy in 2019

discover your potential

The Academy will establish the essential foundations for sustainable growth and support you to implement a dynamic strategy to increase your impact and results

Soul Vision

Giving your soul a voice and place in your business is the aim of the game. 


We will explore what the unique energy of your business looks, feels and sounds like as we connect you into the mosaic of energies running through your business. 


We will plot the journey of your legacy creation zoning in on the impact and transformation you are bringing forward for your community. 

Soul In Action

Your soul legacy needs a platform that will honour and support it and that’s what we will create. 


We will build your positioning to deliver your purpose through a uniquely crafted business model and authority building strategy. 


Using energetics, we will structure an evolving business model that grows with you and gives you the navigational tools to prepare for each stage of business growth. 

Connection & Transformation

We will clarify what your audience, community and soul clients want and need from you. 


Layering this over your business model and

personal journey, you will be able to see when, how and why the connection is so critical to the transformation you are offering. 


You will know how this amplifies the energy of the journey for your audience and for you. 

Creative Expression Part 1

Once you know the journey, the next step is to identify the pit stops and fuelling stations.


We will put together a series of offers and

services that you will bring to your audience to guide them on their way. 


  1. Your offers will be developed using an energetics framework that brings natural flow to the individual offers and the whole journey to create sustainable growth with minimal effort. 
Creative Expression Part 2

You know what you are offering, it’s time to share it. 


We will use the energetics framework to identify the key components of your core message, secondary messaging and offer messages and then create a unique flow of energy through your message to convey the experience and the outcome in ways that naturally bring your expression to the surface. 

Dynamic Strategy

Creating a 360° view of your business and marketing is the final strategy phase.


Dynamic strategies are simple, flexible and powerful tools for growth. 


With your dynamic strategy as a foundation, you will create a clear plan of energetically aligned development and marketing activities to support the growth of your business and the realisation of your vision.  

Interactive Supported Planning

With your big strategy and plan in place, we will translate it into bite size chunks that you will work on over each quarter. You will receive

live support and accountability to move your plan forwards and celebrate your achievements. 

Next Level Preparation

As you progress through the year, additional learning and skill needs will make themselves known. Additional interactive training will be

available to meet these needs wherever possible. 


There will be at least 3 masterclasses for the Academy throughout the programme. The Energetics Academy will offer you a working toolkit for growth and legacy creation that will evolve with you and support you in all your entrepreneurial adventures. You will be able to move through the barriers of growth faster and more confidently. 


You will know what you are planning for and how to deliver it stage by stage – which means no more boom and bust and no more reinventing your whole business when you hit the next level. 

Energetics open up a more natural and evolving framework for business.

It brings your energy and unique gift into the heart of your presence and legacy. 


You will discover that there is always more to you than meets the eye and opportunities are yours for the creating. 


You already have the strength to rise to the challenge of creating your legacy, the Energetics Academy will give you the tools to put your energy to work. 


Do yourself and your business justice by resetting the bar. 


It’s your time to get out there and lead.


It’s your time to Become

Reserve Your Place

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If you haven't met me before, I''m Polly Hearsey - Soul Expression Mentor and Sustainable Growth Strategist. 


I venture into the unknown with conscious entrepreneurs who want to find their way to bring their business to life without compromising on what feels right.


I have developed my own suite of tools and partnerships with the energies of business to create an approach that is unique and powerful. 


Soul Expression Alchemy and the Energetic Marketing Map were created from a desire to find a way that works and honours your unique spirit and energy. It's all about your energy, it's all about energetics. And it's fun!

The Energetics Academy 2019 is 10 months of

guidance, support, inspiration and practical solutions

for sustainable growth and expansion 

Pay in Full


1 x £4000 

Payment Plan


4 x £1111 payments 

Monthly Payment Plan


8 x £555.50 monthly 

Added Extras

Pay In Full


3 x one to one sessions

& additional early bird one to one session if reserved before 14th December 2018

(£1200/£1600 early bird) 


Access to 2019 Private Masterclasses 



Quarterly Payment


1 x one to one session & additional early bird one to one session if reserved before 14th December 2018

(£400/£800 early bird))


Access to 2019 Private Masterclasses


Monthly Payment


Early Bird one to one session if reserved before 14th December 2018 

(£400 early bird) 


Access to 2019 Private Masterclasses



How is the Academy delivered?


All sessions will be delivered interactively. The programme

has a collaborative energy, this is a collective journey. The programme is front loaded to deliver the majority of the

sessions between January and March. Sessions will be held every other week. In between there will be an interactive Q&A and accountability session to keep you moving forward. After these sessions are complete, there will be bespoke training, planning sessions and ongoing Q&A/Accountability for the duration of the programme. 


How much support is there?


You will get a lot of one to one input in the Academy as I get to know your business and what you need to succeed.  I will offer you direct feedback and support on translating and implementing your energetic business growth strategy.


A dedicated Facebook group will be available for sharing, requesting support and feedback and getting support from all the Academy members.


There are 6 core interactive sessions taking place between

January and April. Every other week, throughout the programme, there will be a Q&A session and accountability to keep you moving. 


3 planning sessions will be run to translate your big plan into next stage actions. The Academy is focused on implementation and growth. There will also be at least 3 interactive masterclasses to help you develop additional skills to deliver your strategy.  

How long is the Academy programme?


The Academy will run from January 2019 to October 2019 with an additional 2020 planning session in November 2019. 


What’s different?


The Academy programme is front loaded to get you growing faster. Then we shift into action mode and your support will focus on keeping you moving forward and building on your achievements at each stage. 


The Academy is a jumping off point for your future. You will get a toolkit that will support you in every stage of growth and development and the support to put the tools to work. This is practical and results orientated. You need to be prepared to take action and implement because you are here to get results.  


Can I get one to one support as well?


If you need additional one to one support, individual

sessions can be booked to tackle any specific issues you may need to address. Early bird bookings have bonus one to one sessions included. 


There is also an option to complete the Academy as a one to

one programme, which includes access to the group programme. Please ask for details.  


What are the Payment Plan Schedules?


The payment plans are either 4 x £1111 (first payment payable on reservation) with payment every 2 months or 8 x £555.50 (first payment payable on reservation) followed by 7 payments at monthly intervals.

Why sustainable growth?

The focus of modern online marketing is quick fix, instant sales. It helps no one. Not you, not your community and not your clients. You end up on a constant treadmill of creating and delivering in order to make those sales when you could be focusing on designing your business in a way that the sales are an inevitable outcome. 


Solid design creates solid foundations which make for long term, consistent growth that works for you. Sustainable growth is tapping into your energy and sustainably working with it so that you don’t burn out and under perform. It’s creating a journey of sustained growth and development that keeps your community coming back for more. And it is kind to the world we all depend on for our wellbeing. 


Join us for adventure, growth and new potential