Amplify your Presence

Amplify Your Voice

Amplify Your Impact

Join a 5 day retreat to amplify the energy you share with the world through your business

Amplify is a journey through the aspects of energy you are bringing to the world through your business.

Amplify is a combination of energetic insight and activation of specific energy frequencies to give your business a boost.

Working with the elemental energies of earth, air, fire, water and aether, you will be supported to channel more energy through your business to amplify your presence, voice and impact. In turn, this will elevate your business and set it on the path of its greatest potential.

Our Journey

Creative Desire

Connecting to the nourishing energy of fire to ignite your creative desires to bring transformation to others.


Connect more deeply to your purpose and the energy of presence to connect to others with ease.


Activate your creative power and claim what you are creating. Become the voice of your soul work.


Activate your capacity to create impact and allow the flow of energy into the world to catalyse positive change.

Our journey will complete with an activation of Aether energy to amplify your actions bringing power to every part of your business. Aether is an energy of integration and embodiment, You will complete the retreat knowing how to bring pure energetic frequencies into all your actions and embody your energy on every level.

If you have been looking for an alternative to mainstream business development and marketing, this will open the door and show you what is truly possible when you follow your own path attuned to your soul's desire.

If it is right for you, you will know. Just drop into the energy and trust your answer.

Our daily sessions will balance information, energetic frequencies and integrative practices building on each day's work.

Sessions will be approximately 45 minutes including an opportunity to share your experiences and receive support. Session times will be set to accommodate as many participants as possible and all sessions will be recorded to watch on demand.

Amplify is available for £25

There will be an opportunity to top up with a donation if you wish to do so.

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