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Amplify Your Business Presence

Unlock the frequencies that will elevate your business

Amplify is a journey through energetic frequencies to elevate your business.

It features a series of elemental activations in which you experience first-hand the power moving through you.

This experience will give you the wisdom and knowledge to shape your business into a vehicle of transformation and the tools to lead it in coherence with your soul’s desire.

Introductory Content

Begin your journey by exploring your creative desire and voice.

Then begin to unfold the impact, presence and power you already hold within your business potential.

Elemental Activations

A series of elemental activations will unlock your creative power and show you how to step into an elevated level of presence within your business.

The more you elevate your presence, the more visible you will become and the faster your business will grow.


Discover how to integrate these energies and sustain your presence through energetic principles.

Amplify is available as an instant download you can move through at your own pace.

Insight Timer Plus Member? Amplify is available to listen to here