Your awakening is accelerating

You are discovering more about yourself every day and changing in each moment.

It's an exciting time with so much personal evolution that is changing you from the inside out.

But your business isn't keeping step. It isn't able to make space for everything you are becoming. It's stuck in a past version in desperate need of a revamp and reboot.

You want to be bringing your new skills into your business but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to fit them all together.

That way is closer to hand than you may think.

When you awaken, so does your business

In the early stages, there is a big disconnect.

You have all this expansive awareness that does not want to fit into a neat and tidy business box. There are bits spilling out all over the place and refusing to find a place that feels right.

You have moved from having a clear niche and focus into a space of confusion. How you approached business now feels off key but you don’t know how or what to change. You don’t know what to call yourself either because you are too many things and you want to embrace them all.

Your business is shifting from a model that was designed around one thing. Money.

The landscape of modern business and the tools we have available mirror this intent.

It may never have been your intent to follow in these footsteps, but every business concept for generations has been focused on profit over anything else and it works away in the background of our systems and consciousness.

We can change this.

Conscious choices are leading us into new territories.

You and your business are moving into a totally different dynamic where the focus is on contribution and impact as the driving force.

Moving from a profit first to a conscious model of business doesn’t happen because you tweak a few things here and there. It happens because there is a sea change in your entire approach and a dedicated focus on embracing the fullness of your soul expression.

Business Awakening will help you reconnect to your business at a soul level bringing all you are into who you are becoming.

You will blend your focus of the past with your expanded focus for the future to anchor into a unique business that lights you up.

This journey is led by energy and intuition. We are creating a new form of business that will be a beacon for change in the world and shine brightly for those who will come after you.

You are a change creator and so is your business.

Let’s get you back in sync

The Experience Step by Step

Heart and Soul

You have been changing so fast that your business hasn’t kept in step. Whether it is systems, thinking or focus your business is off key. It is not a true reflection of you in this moment but it can be.

You have a bigger desire in play now; your business is a vital piece of your personal soul expression. It needs a little freedom and space to expand with you.

You will be guided through a dialogue with your business to get you back in sync and anchor your heart into your focus.

Looking Back to Look Forward

Who you are is shaped by your experiences and skills and this is all deeply connected to your soul purpose.

You may well have fallen out of love with what you have been doing all these years but there is a map within your past that will show you how to weave your future.

Your future focus will be shaped by the nuances of perception and understanding that have emerged in every area of your life. Taking a walk in your own shoes, you will uncover the magic that you alone can conjure.

The Big Picture

Your soul vision will have been poking at your consciousness for as long as you can remember even if you have never realised what it was. You have to give it a voice (no matter how big headed it may seem) because until you do, you will struggle to step into your role as change creator.

You will find the expression of your soul vision and your role in making this a reality as we explore the frequencies of change that are running through it. This is a deep, primal energy that will bring transformation to the world and it is your role to guide it.

Embodied Values

As your understanding of your self changes, your understanding of the world changes. In turn, your values become more sharply defined and there is no room left for fuzzy margins. Your business has to be built upon non-negotiable values that determine every choice and action.

You have complete freedom to determine how your business is present in the world, complete freedom to determine the experiences that your clients will have with you and complete freedom to create what your soul desires. Your values will live within your business.

Soul Expression

You are a change creator. A leader. A beacon. You cannot shrink from the role that is such a vital strand of your soul expression. You may try to, but time after time it will seek you out. Becoming a beacon for others is rooted in confidence and presence in your own power.

Your business is one aspect of your soul expression and it demands that you can hold the presence of the energy you bring. Every successful business is rooted in this presence and you will step into it to connect your business to its audience.

Intuitive Business

Expressing energy is not a logical experience. You will experience an increasing desire to detach from the intellectual, practical processes of business development to access your innate, deep inner wisdom. But it functions so differently, it can feel impossible to work with your intuition as a practical guide.

You will learn how to use your intuitive intelligence to develop your business turning your knowing into inspired action. It will become a core business tool that allows you to step out of the old models and become the creator of the new.

These core areas of your business's heart and soul will resource you to refresh, renew and reawaken your business.

Business Awakening can be your guide onto a new pathway and a new energy.

Business Awakening will run over 6 weeks beginning 11th July

Sessions will be run around 9..30am UK time on Tuesdays

You can join for £222

(Benefit from Access to exclusive client content and support as soon as you sign up)

© Polly Hearsey 2022

If this is your first encounter with me or my work, hello and welcome.

Let me fill in the gaps a little.

I'm Polly Hearsey, a business mentor for conscious entrepreneurs. I work with energetic frequencies to birth businesses by tapping into that greater wisdom, knowledge and insight that lives within us all. I believe we can change how business works and make it a healing force for our societies and world and that begins with you and your business.

You can find more about me on my website and access my free resources here. And you are always welcome to connect in person too.

I hope you will join me for this journey of exploration and learning and bring your magic to the experience too.

The journey I’ve experienced has been incredible. Polly has such a masterful way of leading you back to you, into your own brilliance and harmony with your core frequencies.


My time spent with Polly has been super expansive for my business, she taught me to tune into the energy of the magic and magnitude I was creating through me. I learnt to trust it, know it and to ultimately separate myself from it and know it’s potency as its own sublime energy.


The work we did together was the soul balm I didn't know I needed.


Weird, but fecking magic


Polly is a generous, practical and highly intuitive mentor who supports and guides you to design your business in harmony with your own energy, while facilitating the expansion of this energy to match your highest vision. I am very grateful for all I have learned from her!