Business DNA Activation

Success is an inside job

The secrets of success are held within the core energies that give your business life


Learn to work with the information within the DNA and you will have the means to create a business that is beyond anything you can imagine now.

The DNA holds the story of your business’s essence, purpose and impact. It is the key to the clarity that you need to connect your work to

the people who are looking for it.

You are their missing piece; you hold the key to their transformation.

You can make it easy for them to come into your world.

Business DNA

The DNA that holds a business together is comprised of a series of energetic harmonics.

There are 5 “strands” of DNA relating to core areas of being.

Your business consciousness is woven into these 5 frequencies which creates a unique harmonic, perfectly tuned to the frequencies your audience is able to receive.

You can work with each individual strand and all the strands together to create unique, innovative and truly soul led business expression that will make it easy for you to do your soul work.

Your Invitation

I’d like to invite you to join me for a unique group experience where each strand of your business DNA will be activated and you will learn how to share your business harmonic both energetically and practically.

This is an opportunity to learn a completely new approach to business that works with the subtle aspects of life that we all know exists beyond the limits of our minds and turning this into tangible action and results.

We will work with each of the 5 strands and the overall harmonic to give you an extraordinary level of insight and connection to your business. You will get to design your business from the inside out, on your own terms and prepare it for the new business dynamic that is building. It will position your business for success and leadership. You will become a beacon of transformation lighting the way for your community and clients.

What is Business DNA?

How it Can Help

What to Expect

Creating Impact

The Essential Practicalities

Beginning the week of the 13th February, there will be 8 weekly sessions, weekly extension exercises for you to do in your own time plus a weekly connection session to help you work through everything. There will be a group space to connect, share, ask questions and more. Sessions will be held in the early afternoons on UK time. Recordings will, of course, be available to all participants.

Final Price


or 2 x £214

If you have already submitted a deposit, please do not pay via this link.

The Cost

This is the interesting bit.

Business is changing and I am certainly doing my level best to get that moving as fast as possible. One thing I know needs to change is the

way group experiences are structured. The only way we find out what that looks like is to do some experimenting!

This is definitely an experiment which I am sure will provide plenty of learning opportunities for you and me.

I have set a fixed level of income for myself for this experience and the more people who join, the less it will cost you.

There will be a minimum of 6 people on this experience who will pay a maximum of £500. The minimum will be £50 no matter how many join.

If you are genuinely interested in participating, then all you need to do is express your interest below by the 18th January 2023.

On this date, the expressions of interest will be closed.

On the 20th January, you will get an indicative price based on the number who have expressed interest. At this point you pay a small

non-refundable deposit to secure your place, which will grant you access to the first session even if you choose not to continue to the full experience. At this stage anyone can join, so the price can still go down.

On the 30th January, deposits will stop and the final price is confirmed and you pay the difference or pay a first instalment

depending on the price.

We will start the week beginning the 13th February 2023.


I have produced some additional terms to lay out the details. The main terms can be found here.

Will it run smoothly? I hope so, but this is new territory. I am totally up for working through any kinks. I believe it is worth trying new approaches to see what is really possible for all of us and I hope you agree. I want to challenge the business model that pushes us to have big launches to make big money. This is an opportunity to challenge the dominant narrative and that is why I am doing it (plus it's fun!)

Everyone who pays a deposit will have access to the first session, which will include a DNA energy clearing, a conversation with your business and in depth information on the 5 strands of Business DNA.

Expressions of Interest are Now Closed

Deposits are now closed

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The Business DNA Activation Experience begins in


Polly Hearsey Business Energetics Mentor


If you have got this far but haven't come across me before, it's definitely time for me to introduce myself!

I'm Polly Hearsey, a business mentor determined to create alternative, soul friendly business solutions. I work on business design to set you up for success; whether you are just starting out, revitalising or embracing your full skills within your business.

Business needs to change and it can help us solve the problems we have created in the world. But I know we can't do that using the old thinking and solutions. We need new tools, new ideas and new eyes to turn our businesses into powerhouses that change the world.

If you choose to join me on this journey, this is exactly what you will get!

Essential Dates

18th January 2023

Expressions of interest close

20th January 2023

Indicative price announced, deposits are paid.

30th January 2023

Final numbers and price confirmed. Balance or first instalment paid.

Week of 13th February 2023

First group session

Submit your deposit

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