Energy Led Business Expansion

Leading conscious Business Evolution

First you find out who you are.

Next you find out what you are here to do.

Then you step up to the plate.

You take responsibility for your soul purpose and become the the leader in making it happen.

We are all here to create a legacy of transformation in the world.

We are here to shoot higher than we can see and play our role in a dramatic shift of consciousness.

You have chosen to make your business part of the deal.

There is a deep listening that needs to happen for this to be realised. There’s a deep shedding that needs to take place too.

Your soul purpose is



Mind Blowing.

And Yours Alone.

You will find the strength and courage to accept it deep within your core energy.

Conscious Creators is a response to the huge shift in frequency that is underway.

It is a space of deep listening to bring your pure, core energy into form. 

It’s where the old will be dissolved. It’s where the new will begin.

We will move beyond what we have known and leave the limitations behind.

We will find the freedom to create, express and catalyse deep transformation in ourselves and others.

Creation is an act of faith, belief and trust.

Conscious Creation is an act of collaboration with all that is available to you.

You are the Creator

There are no limits.

There are no rules.

Conscious Creators will be delivered flexibility according to what you need.

There are 12 core themes that we will work on collaboratively. 

Each aspect will be brought in when needed and as often as needed.

We will work on a cyclical basis to help you integrate, consolidate, grow and respond.

Each area will come up for review and response on a number of occasions and we will celebrate the growth that this demonstrates.

The Core Themes


There are many layers of energy in play within your business. It is the harmonic of these energies that brings out its full potential. Each layer brings a different frequency to the overall resonance, so we work with them in layers allowing you to gradually establish and hold the full bandwidth of potential and presence your business needs.


Having created the foundational energetic structures for your business, we introduce and activate the energetic code for your business.

This gives you a deeper level of insight into the specific design and energy of presence needed.

Energetics Practice

Business Energetics is a big departure from business norms. It will create some huge shifts in your own frequency and change the way you operate in your business.

Recalibrating is a huge part of the process of change . You will be supported by a range of energetics practices including your own.

Shadow Play

There is little point in dancing around the fact that this work is deep and brings a lot to the surface. Personal or business related, it will bring up whatever you need to deal with to be clear and free to take your business and your legacy into the world.  We will hold the space for this to emerge and respond as needed.

Energetic Design

Clearing and shedding creates the essential space for the new to come into form. Your business design will be a direct response to the energy you have been working with. You will learn how to interpret the energy as a direct cue for actions to design your elevated business.

Creating Capacity

As the design comes into clarity, your specific capacity needs will make themselves known. We will respond and adapt as needed to ensure the energetic and physical capacity is available for expansion and full presence.

Essence & Purpose

Your essence and purpose are constantly in motion and expanding

They will be gradually distilled through periods of dramatic transformation and deep voids. We will connect to their truest expression in the moment to support your business growth.

Integrating Essence & Purpose

We will explore the breadth, depth and focus of your work. It is more than you have given yourself permission to see and it will need a round (or two) of reflection and acceptance before we can have the necessary clarity on how you and your business need to show up in the world.

Energetic Presence

Bringing energy into the world is a deeply conscious process and the impact it creates comes from its presence. Fundamentally your conscious presence will activate frequency shifts in others – especially those you will work with.  We will learn to hold this presence consistently and bring it into play within the collective harmonic.

Building Form

The precise nature of your business model, services, platform presence and communications evolves from your energetic presence. We will flow from one into the other to design and create the different aspects of your business.

Holding Energy

Energetic presence is maintained through the structures we create personally and professionally. Holding and being the energy is a conscious process that takes times to integrate. We will work on holding the energy consistently as we will work on your ability to create and receive through this energy.

Integrating & Embodying

Changing the way you think, act and create is never one and done. As you work to implement the work we will do together, you will need dynamic, flexible and adaptive support to integrate and embody it all. That is exactly what you will get as you bring your legacy into form.

All of this will be brought to life in collaboration with the elements of earth, air, fire, water and aether.

You will experience how the elemental energies support creative development and learn how to design your business with them for greater expansion and transformation.


There is no specific timescale for the mastermind. There is no cut off point. We will not rush. We will go at your pace.

As a guide, expect to be working together for around 6 months with calls twice a month.

There is no specific order in which we will undertake the work and we will inevitably revisit some areas several times. 

One to one calls will be held where needed (and they will be), we cross these bridges as we come to them.

Collaboration is a hugely important aspect of the new business paradigm and a sense of community is essential to this mastermind.

There will be a space where you can connect and collaborate as needed with other participants.

In addition, a client only space is available to support wider community engagement and collaboration. It is also home to continuously expanding exclusive client content to support your growth beyond the scope of the mastermind. This space is open to all clients, past and present, on an ongoing basis and you will be invited to join when you sign up.

Investment in the mastermind is £3000 and this can be paid in full or up to 6 monthly instalments. There is flexibility in how the instalments are constructed should you need it.

If you would prefer to pursue this as a one to one experience, this is also possible for £4000 with flexible payment plans available.

Book a call to discuss your current needs and registration options.