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Creating An Energy Practice for Your Business

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The flow and movement you are looking for in your business begins in energy.

It is the key to creating a business and life in your business that you actually want.

Energy is more than your determination and dedication to getting ahead, it’s more than your mindset, it’s more than your focus. Energy is a complex series of electrical impulses that impact how you show up, how you are received and how you hold yourself in your business.

In this course, you will learn about the layers of energy, understand how they support your business and how to work with them to keep your business moving.

Energy is the key to expansion and growth, Here’s what we will cover.

Day 1

An overview of energy and energetics within a business to provide the foundations for your own energy practice for business.

Day 4

Passive presence is the frequency you and your business hold. We explore what it is and how it impacts those it touches.

Day 7

The ability to receive is absolutely critical for every business. Learn how you receive and
how to improve this core skill.

Day 2

A practice you can work with and evolve, to strengthen and build your energy field to hold the energy of your business.

Day 5

Active presence is an essential energetic tool to reach your future clients and invite them into your world.

Day 8

An energy clearing practice that works on multiple layers of energy to ensure it is perfectly positioned for growth.

Day 11

Drawing it all together to create an energy practice that works for you and will grow with you and your business.

Day 3

A practice to integrate your business energy into your own energy field and bring them into harmony.

Day 6

Discern the individual energetics of each creation and how to maintain energetic integrity as you share them with your audience.

Day 9

Call your energy back into wholeness to hold more power and presence. Recalibrate your energy to adapt to those big transformations.

Course Reviews

Thank you so much for this course. Your guidance and wisdom have really helped me focus my energies, both personally and professionally. I will be going forward with a much better set of tools to navigate through life and business!

This was incredibly helpful and inspiring! It’s definitely helped me get to a new level in my energy work journey.

I am grateful for this course, grateful for waking up and bringing the awareness of energy of such things as business. A tingle, an excitement, a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

Course available for £25

(Insight Timer Plus members can access the course here)

Terms & Conditions