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Creating An Energy Practice for Your Business

Energy is the key to creating a business and life in your business that you actually want.

In this course, you will explore different layers of energetics that impact your business and learn how to work with the energies to support, elevate and evolve your business.

Lesson 1

An Introduction to Energetics

Lesson 4

Passive Energetic Presence

Lesson 7

Open Your Receiving Channel

Lesson 10

Structuring Your Energy Practice

Lesson 2

Building Your Energy Field

Lesson 5

Active Presence & Creative Expression

Lesson 8

Energy Clearing & Activation

Lesson 11

Evolving Your Energy Practice

Lesson 3

Integrating Your Business Energy

Lesson 6

Magnetic Creations

Lesson 9

Energetic Maintenance

Course Reviews

Thank you so much for this course. Your guidance and wisdom have really helped me focus my energies, both personally and professionally. I will be going forward with a much better set of tools to navigate through life and business!

This was incredibly helpful and inspiring! It’s definitely helped me get to a new level in my energy work journey.

I am grateful for this course, grateful for waking up and bringing the awareness of energy of such things as business. A tingle, an excitement, a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

Course available for £25

(Insight Timer Plus members can access the course here)