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Every belief you hold or have inherited changes how your cells function by changing the energetics within your body. Despite doing the mindset work, the patterning is keeping you at an old vibration making it impossible to elevate to a new timeline or past a set point. This cellular patterning becomes your glass ceiling.

Cymatic Release changes your patterning and makes it possible for you to work in a new dynamic (consistently) and to manifest things that have been persistently off the menu for you (no matter how hard you tried).

Cymatic Release is a process of working with the individual frequencies of beliefs to reset your patterning. This supports your ability to expand your business into its fullest expression by bringing in the beliefs that make it possible to move beyond your current limits.

Business Vitality is dependent upon core aspects that tend to be the focus of activity rather than inquiry.

In Cymatic Release you will explore the vitality of your business through your relationship with these indicators and then move into a process of optimisation of belief and behaviour that will open up your next elevation.

Business Vitality flows from the beliefs you hold in four core business areas.

Authority & Positioning
Structure & Presence
Clarity & Focus

These four areas represent the spectrum of belief patterning that shows up for every entrepreneur in one form or another – from concerns about being visible to anxiety around your credibility and pricing.

We will explore the full range of beliefs and lay the foundations for you to continue recoding your beliefs. In each area, you will identify the beliefs impacting your business and then introduce belief frequencies that will make growth possible. The technique you will learn can be used over and over to keep you elevating through the levels ahead of you.

This is a quick demonstration of the principle of release. Inside Cymatic Release you will experience a much deeper process where you will learn to follow the release down to cell level.

Your cells hold vital information that help you function and it is totally within your power to recode that information so you can transform, evolve and grow into your fullest expression.

Cymatic Release is a foundational piece of Business Energetics allowing you to work with your inner wisdom and knowing to guide your business expansion.

    Cymatic Release is a short group programme. There will be 3 live sessions (with recordings) on 12th, 19th and 26th September 2023. In between these sessions, you will have access to resources to understand the limitations of your beliefs and how to prepare yourself for letting them go.

    You will learn the techniques involved so you can continue to recode beliefs every single day.

    The value of the programme is impossible to quantify. The investment, on the other hand, is modest.

    If you have any questions, please drop me an email on

    Terms and condition can be viewed here.