Flip the script and ditch the thinking that keeps your business firmly rooted in lack

Most businesses are designed to perpetuate lack and keep out abundance. You can do all the work on your mindset and strategy but your business design may be fighting you every step of the way.

If lack can be designed in, it can also be designed out to make space for abundance.

Every business can be abundant on every level. When you understand how the energy wants to move you can E

Join me for a participative workshop where we will explore

How design can bring freedom to your business and let the energy do its work.

How to recognise fear and lack in your business design and develop strategies for letting it go.

How to build joy, hope and abundance into your business at every level.

How to open up your receiving channels and let your creativity loose.

The workshop will be at 2pm UK time on Thursday 2nd February celebrating the rising energy of Imbolc.

If you can't join live, a replay will be available.

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