Elemental Alchemy

Elemental Alchemy for Business

I could have created a snazzy page to explain how working with the elements in business offers you a doorway into a totally new dynamic.

I could have listed out the ways in which it would help you.

I could have got really clear on the benefits and spent hours creating copy to explain.

But that's not going to work.

Not for me.

I am ruled by earth and fire.

My earth energy is perfectionist and methodical.

My fire energy cannot abide following convention.

Sales pages are a rabbit hole for me, they will never feel right.

My business is ruled by fire.

It asks me to trust myself.

It asks you to trust yourself.

It will not bend itself out of shape to persuade you of anything.

It will ask you to enquire within what you need and why.

The energy is too fluid to be contained in a sales page.

This is what I learnt about my business through working with the elements.

What will you learn?

The gift of working with the elements is simple.

They ask you to trust what is right for you, in the moment and to honour the form of expression required.

If that has you curious, I have a simple and affordable pathway where you can begin to work with the elements in your business.

You can learn how the elements support your business and empower its expression.

You can learn how to develop your business in ways that honour its energy.

You can learn how to share your business with the world to hold the energy.

You can learn how working together creates a synergy and power that amplifies your impact.

To learn more all you need to do is email me and ask.

No slick checkout.


No pressure.

Just good, old human to human contact.

(That's how my business rolls in its fiery expression)

Ready to make contact?

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