13th – 17th December 2021

When you want to run your business in line with your values, most of the marketing you are "expected" to do feels wrong.

It depletes your energy.

It makes you doubt yourself.

It is a thief of joy.

Business should be fun.

It is a work of creative expression that comes from your soul.

Let's build our businesses another way.

A couple of years ago I consciously decided to spend the year removing every mainstream marketing approach from my business.

I had been developing an energetic marketing approach for a few years, but I decided to take a leap and systematically remove everything and every thought that underpinned the type of marketing that uses pressure, fear and scarcity.

It was a fascinating journey that exposed so many deeply entrenched beliefs about what success depended upon.

When I switched off every countdown timer, ditched the persuasion, turned off my funnels and gave my community the freedom to choose my business everything changed.

My business didn't tank.

I felt lighter, happier and more confident.

I did not bring about the end. I catalysed the beginning of a new way of being that brought life to my business.

My clients have been taking their own journey into an alternative world of business and have experienced the same lightness and freedom to create what they want and need in their own way.

I want it for you too.

2022 is bringing some big energy for change. It felt right to close the year out by offering you the opportunity to learn a different way of taking your business out to the world and preparing it for growth, expansion and evolution.

The Energetic Marketing Retreat will Share

Why you need presence over visibility.

How you can hand pick the places to promote and save yourself heaps of time.

Why you can forget about pain points and focus on what you love instead.

Why pricing is about energy not guaranteed outcomes.

How to anchor energy into everything you design, speak and write to share your business with the world.

You will get what you need to find a marketing approach that reflects your values, feels good to implement and (most importantly) shares the energy you bring with the people who are ready and waiting for it.

Here's What We Will Cover

There will be 5 live sessions (with recordings) offering you insight into creating an alternative marketing approach that works for you – on every level.

In addition to these 5 sessions, you will have access to Soul Words, a brand new workshop to create a lexicon of soul language that activates your community and clients.

Energetic Presence

Bring the energy of your business to life and into the awareness of your community and clients.

Energetic Connection

Bring your unique brand to others in a simple, streamlined way for maximum impact.

Energetic Pricing

Feel the price that reflects the energy and the transformation that is catalysed through the experience.

Spend the week creating the foundation of a new approach that brings freedom of expression to you and your business.

Energetic Design

Design your services and your offers to hold the energy of transformation you bring and speak the language of your future clients.

Energetic Messaging

Craft a message that is alive with the energy of transformation and compelling for your soul community and clients.

Are You on board?

You can join the retreat for £100. Click the button below to secure your spot.