Where will your intuition lead you?

When the disquiet and discomfort of mainstream business and marketing development becomes too much, which way do you turn?

Do you look to someone else for the answer?

Or will you look within?

Your business is a unique creative expression. A one off.

And you know it best.

It has a deep purpose that simply cannot be communicated effectively through the usual channels of niche, avatar, market segmentation, elevator pitch, squeeze pages and more.

This form of marketing is fundamentally broken. It cannot support your business as it seeks to find its fullest expression through you.

Your intuition is your guide onto a different path.

Create the space for your business to emerge naturally

The world may expect you and your business to toe the line and follow prescribed formats.

You don't have to obey the rules.

Your business is actively seeking a unique form of expression. And it is looking to you to lead it.


Intuition is a Powerful Business Tool

Beyond your mind, you have the most extraordinary guide at your disposal.

Your body.

Unlike thoughts, intuition is primarily felt in the body. There are so many ways it could show up but if you pay really close attention you will see that it always shows up in your body first.

Because it communicates through the senses, the range and depth of information it provides is immeasurably greater than that which can be accessed through the intellect.

Listening to your body is a way of tuning your business intelligence to a completely different frequency, where you can sense the true nature of the energy you are working with. It is far more expansive than you think and definitely more than you are currently working with.

It is easy (and tempting) to pop into our heads to get the answers and the precision. But, honestly, how much clarity has that really ever brought you?

Every single conscious entrepreneur I have ever met has agonised and struggled to get the clarity they were looking for; whether that is purpose, business focus, niche, avatar or message. Trying to articulate their business through the mainstream constructs has not worked and has created vast angst and frustration in its wake.

On the flip side, every conscious entrepreneur who has dropped into their body to access their intuition has tapped into a level of clarity they didn't know existed. And they have been able to let go of all the burdens of expectation they were carrying that were holding them down.

Applied Intuition & Business Expansion




Your business holds a unique frequency that needs to be expressed through you to be received by others.

This frequency is its own energy, quite separate from yours.

When you bring your essence to the energy of your business, the magic is born.

It's an alchemy of pure creation.

Immersing yourself in the creative energy of your business (and indeed your own) gifts you the opportunity to respond to what is truly calling you. You can learn to hold this frequency in every action you take and value you stand for.

You can design your business model, functions and systems to uphold and support this energy on every level.

This energetic integrity amplifies the reception of your business by those who are specifically tuned to it.

Being present in the energy of creation and being true to it in every business choice will connect you to those who need you and give you the platform for growth.

It's simple. But it takes practice and the willingness to change the way you do business, which is rarely as straightforward as you would hope. Which is why I am offering to help you through the transition to intuitive business.

The Soul Connection Approach

Soul Connection will help you listen to your intuition and apply it to your business. We will shake loose any of the expectations you have about what you "should" be feeling or "ought" to be doing so that you have a clear channel straight into your business energy.

Every energetic frequency has a unique place and role in the grand scheme. When you are truly connected to the energy of your business, you will know what you are doing and how to make it work.

Functioning energetically and intuitively in business is more than following your hunches. It is conscious connection to the source of inspiration and conscious response to it.

In Business Energetics we follow the Frequency to Form flow. We connect to the energy of your business and listen deeply for how it needs us to respond. We gradually move from sensing to interpreting to acting on those energetic frequencies until we brought our inspiration ito form.

What this looks like is 100% unique to you, because your business is asking for this.

Soul Connection will be following this flow to help you achieve some big outcomes.

You will unlock deep clarity on your focus and impact.

You will hold your energetic presence for magnetic client attraction.

You will expand your capacity to receive clients and grow your business.

Clarity, presence and capacity are the 3 issues that are routinely blocked by head led mainstream approaches, where you end up fighting yourself and your business.

Soul Connection is focused on bringing you into harmony with your business.

And we will be preparing for the ground for you to create big transformation in the world - in your own unique style.

Focussing Energy on Transformation

Zone of Unique Genius

Find the clarity of business focus and who you are here to support by coming back to you.

Your essence and mission hold the clues to how your business will help people. Truly appreciating you will show you how you help others and exactly who they are.

Connect the dots of your experiences, those constant nudges and thoughts to find that golden thread of your core truth.

Business Expression

Attracting your audience is no algorithm. It's presence.

Get comfortable with the energy of your business to learn how to articulate its creative expression , hold the presence and share it with others. This is the no push, comfortable in your own skin, confident in your message presence that simply attracts those who are catalysed by it.

Know what to create and how to offer it in ways that feel really good.

Capacity and Expansion

Receive your clients and income easily by creating the capacity to resource your business and yourself.

Lean into your intuition to guide your choices and actions. Interpret the clues within your sensations to inform your next steps.

Give your intuition a starring role in your business and discover natural growth and expansion

Join Soul Connection for


Over to Clients for their Perspective ...

The work we did together earlier this year, was the soul balm I didn't know I needed.

I have never met someone who balances gentleness with directness in the way that you do, it's a fine art and one that you've mastered.It was exquisite to connect deeper with the energy of my business with your support, and our work together I hold forever dear in my heart.

So very sacred.Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I am always on the lookout for new and novel marketing advice, as conventional marketing recommendations do not generally feel like the best match to my way of working.

As an energy practitioner looking to grow my practice, Polly’s unique business energetics message and strong connection to nature resonated with me greatly. The process of working with Polly has been powerful and transformational, not just for my business, but also for me as the creator of it.

Polly is a generous, practical and highly intuitive mentor who supports and guides you to design your business in harmony with your own energy, while facilitating the expansion of this energy to match your highest vision.  I am very grateful for all I have learned from her!


My time spent with Polly has been super expansive for my business, she taught me to tune into the energy of the magic and magnitude I was creating through me. I learnt to trust it, know it and to ultimately seperate myself from it and know it’s potency as it’s own sublime energy. It worked. My business started to generate sales, international even, just by my clarity of the frequency and intention. Thank you for the gift Polly. I will always be grateful.


Weird but fecking magic.

(Probably my all time favourite testimonial because it breaks all the "rules" and embraces the unknown with an open heart)


Programme Structure

Once upon a time, I diligently mapped out and planned every call and every PDF before sharing one word about a programme. But the more I listened to my intuition, the harder it became to actually make this happen.

Finding more flow became the most important aspect of delivering an empowering experience.

My programmes have become theme led rather than curriculum led. There are 3 core themes to Soul Connection that we will work on simultaneously or consecutively - it totally depends on what you and the group need in the moment.




In clarity, we will be exploring the unique transformational energy you are bringing to the world, who it helps and how. This is never one and done - clarity comes with depth of exploration. We will return to this as many times as we need to find the level of clarity that will support you to expand into your full potential.

In presence, we will be exploring what your business feels like so that you can hold this energy in everything you create. Your communications, your services and client/peer relationships will all be clarified and strengthened through this piece.

In capacity, we will explore your energetic and physical ability to expand. Receiving clients, money and opportunity are only possible if you have capacity. If we over engineer our businesses we leave no space for expansion. As we explore the issues we will actively create the capacity to receive and create through your business.

These themes will travel with us as we discover how they are woven into your business experience and reveal how they will guide you to create a more expanded business.

There is a natural rhythm to energetic business development. Over 6 or so weeks, we will explore deeply working with the energies of your expression, your work and your business and then take pauses to integrate and work with what we find. At the end of the programme, I want you to be energised and inspired to keep going, rather than exhausted! Energy takes time to communicate and interpret, so there is no point in rushing it. I will be with you every step of the way to support you in navigating this completely different path to business expansion and we will go at a pace that suits you.

Soul Connection will run for approximately 6 weeks with weekly calls.

In addition to the programme resources, you will be welcomed to my client community and have access to exclusive client resources.

You've made it this far.

Perhaps I should introduce myself!

I'm Polly Hearsey, a marketing and business consultant turned conscious business mentor.

Giving you the freedom of expressing your core essence and soul purpose through your business is what I am here for.

I have been distilling my unique approach of Business Energetics, in partnership with the elemental energies, for the last few years to help business bring positive change to the world. If mainstream approaches are leaving you cold, come take a walk on the wild side with me.

Polly Hearsey, Conscious Business Mentor

So far, so good. But...

Your head is asking for more detail

Should you, shouldn't you?

You've been burnt before.

You made a commitment to be 100% sure before you invested again.

So here's the outline plan

(from which we will inevitably depart but the programme will not be complete until everything is covered)

Week 1

Your Zone of Genius

What you can do (that no one else can do) is where you will find the clarity on your focus, who you help and how to communicate with them. This is essential insight that begins with you and will get you clear on who, what, why, when and how.

Week 2

Applying Clarity

Putting you into action is going to challenge your beliefs and boundaries. You will resist, you will question, you will wonder.

This is 100% normal.

Which is why we make the space to experience and move through it.

Week 3

Business Consciousness and Energy

We will immerse ourselves in the energy and consciousness of your business to feel and respond to the creative energy flow.

Being present in the energy will change how you think, feel and respond.

It changes everything.

Week 4

Responding to the Energy

When you are present in the energy, you will feel how your business needs you to respond. You will feel how to hold the presence of its energy.

Your business model, services, messaging and more flow from this in a totally unique way.

Week 5

Expansion Potential

No matter what your stage of business, it is always expanding. That's the nature of energy.

Harnessing your deepening intuition will show you the path to easy expansion through specific actions and choices that are true to your soul path.

Week 6

Capacity to Receive

Being visible to your audience and future clients is about being received. And if you can be received, you can receive.

Clarity on your essence and the presence of your business will give you the confidence to find your voice and invite your clients into your world.

You are more than welcome to contact me to talk it through. Email me at polly@pollyhearsey.co.uk