Healthy Business Retreat

Recalibrating and retuning for optimal business health

Keeping Your Business Primed for Growth

Energetically speaking your business is in constant motion. It's resonance with the collective frequencies is changing all the time. So when it suddenly all feels a little stale or off colour, it's because the resonance is out of tune.

Regularly tuning your business to the collective harmonic keeps it ready to grow and expand.

During the Healthy Business Retreat, you will have the opportunity and support to give your business a tune up and prepare it for continued expansion.

Here's what we will be doing

Clearing Energy

Old energy will keep your business in check. We'll break the ties with energy that's on the way out and create some space for new energy and inspiration to move in.


Your business will need some fine tuning to be in harmony with the incoming energies. This might be practical or energetic so whatever your business needs we will explore how you can put it in place.


Receiving is not always easy, for you and your business. We will be opening up your receiving channels so you can turn your plans into reality.

Reading the Energy

We'll explore the energetic themes for July to September that will be impacting every business and take some time to consider how your business will respond.


Working with the energies and trends that will be impacting your clients, we will plan your business's response and presence for the quarter ahead positioning your business for ongoing expansion and growth.

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