Legacy Leadership

Activating the Fire of Presence

Every single person will leave a legacy for the whole world.

Including you

You have probably tried to convince yourself that this isn't your path or that you aren't cut out for leadership.

In spite of this, you have relentlessly focussed on how you can help others and created a unique response to their needs.

You have been stealthily building a legacy.

For those of us who have chosen to make our businesses part of our soul purpose, there are qualities that we need to nurture within ourselves and our businesses to step into the role of leader.

In this workshop, we will be exploring these qualities, the nature of your legacy and building your capacity to lead.

The nature of legacies is not what it was and the nature of leadership is changing dramatically. It is creating space and opportunity for your style of leadership to come into its own.

We will complete the workshop with an activation of your fire energy - fire is the energy of presence and passion. It is the energy of leadership and impact. It will leave you energetically prepared to step into your role with confidence .

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