Packaging & Pricing

Business Energetics offer you a different way to approach packaging and pricing

that feels right for you and attracts clients more easily

There is a lot of expert opinion about packaging your services.

And much of it is totally wrong for your business.

The generic approaches that are widely taught simply aren't able to respond to the needs of your business.

Business Energetics taps into the unique energy of your business and evolves a one of a kind strategy to create sustainable growth. This means your packages are true to you and to the impact you are bringing to the world.Your pricing does not need to follow rules either. There are no regulations on whether you should be charging high ticket or low ticket - what matters is how your price reflects the transformation that is experienced.

In this workshop, you will gain concrete skills to package and price your services your way. I will show you the tools you can use and help you to trust that you know the answers that honour the intent and energy of your business.

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