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Nature’s Way

You have thrown aside the hustle and committed to building your business a different way.

Your inner guidance is telling you – over and over – you are meant to break the mould.

But how?

Everything out there is telling you to do it the old way and you just can’t see the wood for the trees. Where is the escape lane?

Nature is primed and ready to show you exactly where and how to create natural growth.

You have been drawn to the land and the powers of nature your whole life.

Now you can find out why.

Nature has the wisdom your business needs to bloom

Nature holds so much wisdom to lead your business.

Every aspect of business development can be elevated through the wisdom of nature. It’s simply a matter of working with natural principles to reimagine the possibilities and pathways your business is meant to bring to the table.

Your business is meant to be a vital, living part of nature. It has a very specific role to play in creating harmony and change that will actively benefit the natural world. Turning to nature itself as your guide, you will discover what this role is and how to tap into the power of the natural world to bring it to life.

Here’s how it works…

Rewild Your Business taps into the wisdom of nature to create new approaches to business.

Each quarter we work on a specific business development task using nature as our guide. We look at the world around us to learn about ourselves, our businesses and our work.

You will be guided through energetic practices and essential business development tasks which are designed to create growth and expansion for your business. This is supplemented with a reflective nature connection activity to build your channels of communication with the land.

We are nature. What we create is nature
When we listen and restore our connection,
our businesses begin to nourish life itself.

A Taste of Nature – Principles for Rewilding Your Business

The Next 3 Months in Rewild Your Business

Winter 2024

Winter is the beginning of life itself.

This is where we go to discover the truth of our businesses and what we are capable of creating. This is a profoundly creative time preparing for growth, expansion and new possibilities.

Throughout 2023, you have been growing and preparing for more. This is the season where it becomes real. We will be stretching you into your potential, challenging you to build more capacity to hold a bigger business and create more impact.

This season will have a strong energetic focus while we actively build your next-level business.

Winter Sessions

January – Beginning with a journey with the element of earth, this month we will begin the work of nourishing the life force of your business and anchoring it into its role in flowing the earth’s life force into the world. You will be challenged to think, feel and act on a whole new level because the impact you are preparing for is beyond anything you can see – yet.

February – We begin the work of bringing a new creation into form. You will be working on a specific area of business development, which might be strategic expansion or a specific offer which will elevate your authority and impact. You will be guided through a process of energy-led design with a detailed framework for holding this energy in every aspect of your creation – from concept to marketing.

March – This month will deviate slightly from the normal pattern with a workshop to task and finish your new creation. Your activities for the month will focus on implementation and enactment of your creation. Support will be on hand throughout the month to keep you moving and growing, plus there will be a cheerleading squad at your side to keep you motivated at all times.

Additional Sessions

Celebrating feminine fire and the creative process at Imbolc.

An equinox event to transition from earth energies into air.

Call Dates for Winter 2024

Tuesday 9th January 2 pm UK time

Tuesday 6th February 2 pm UK time

Tuesday 5th March 2 pm UK time

Additional Sessions

Imbolc – Thursday 1st Feburary 2 pm UK time

Equinox – Tuesday 19th March 2pm UK time

Recordings will be available for all sessions.


Membership is for a minimum of 3 months.

Membership rates are locked in at your joining rate for as long as you continue your membership.

In each quarter you will receive:

  • An introductory session laying out the focus and outcomes, energetics and elemental energies.
  • A month-by-month framework, nature activities to support your business and a monthly Q&A/energy work session.
  • A quarterly closing event on the solstice or equinox to support you in integrating your personal and business changes.
  • Additional sessions at Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain to support your development and energetic capacity.
  • A weekly tip and support inside the membership community area.
  • Access to a library of membership resources and workshops.

Pay Quarterly

Pay Monthly

Payment for membership is automatically taken on a recurring basis until cancelled.

Terms & Conditions

Anchored In The Land

Businesses emerge from the land they are anchored to. It is important to honour the seasons, cycles and nature of the land surrounding you to be able to harness the intelligence and inspiration of nature within your business. As I am in the UK, I need to follow the seasonal cues within the land I live within. If you are also in the northern hemisphere, you will naturally be in sync with these seasonal shifts.

If you are in the southern hemisphere, you can still join this journey and experience the benefits of the different element guiding the season and fully integrate and embody the nature intelligence you will uncover. As the seasons build, you will be able to revisit the activities for your current season and there will be an ongoing space for you to explore this at any time of the year.

A Quick Introduction

I’m Polly Hearsey, a nature-inspired business design mentor with a passion for doing things a little differently.

From the very beginning of my business, the elements and nature were jostling on the edges trying to find a way in.

I spent far too long trying to do things the usual way and conforming to the norms until one day I just had an idea that set me off on a totally different path. That idea was how the elements shaped how we express ourselves.

A few fits and starts later and other pieces began to drop into place. I saw how my role was evolving to help shape the future of business by guiding future leaders. I knew the land, environment and nature intelligence held the key.

For what felt like an eternity, I knew there was a way to reconnect businesses to the land but had no idea how.  

As per usual, all the pieces were in front of me I just needed to rearrange them. The idea of Ecosystem Businesses suddenly became understandable through the lens of the elements. It became possible to turn the idea into a practical reality that would transform the lives of conscious leaders everywhere.

And now, perhaps you can be part of this journey to transform the nature of business by transforming your business, naturally.


Access to 3 months of nature-led business development plus solstice and equinox events.


Access to 1 month of nature-led business development plus solstice and equinox events.

Terms & Conditions


Do I need to join the membership at a particular time?

Membership runs from quarter to quarter. You can join at any time. Your membership period will run for 3 calendar months from your joining date.

Do I have to join for 3 months?

The membership is set up to work through a key aspect of business development over a 3-month period. Each quarter we will move to a new area of business development, so getting the most out of the membership comes from being part of the whole quarter.

Is everything delivered through live calls?

There is a strong focus on live delivery including a monthly live call plus additional content to support your practical actions to develop your business. There is a Telegram group where you can ask for help and build connection with other members. You are not just welcome but actively encouraged to share your insights and expertise in this group – this is a collaborative journey.

What times are the live calls?

The calls are typically at 2pm UK time. Replays are usually sent out on the same day so if you can’t join live you can still catch up quickly. Although you might not be able to join live, there is still plenty of opportunity for real-time support and good conversation.

How easy is it to cancel my membership?

Your membership will automatically renew at your selected interval (you will receive a reminder) unless you cancel your membership. You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into Stripe. Alternatively, you can email to request that your membership be cancelled. There are no hoops or conditions, you can cancel when you want. Please read the terms and conditions for more details.

Will I lose access to membership resources if I cancel?

No you won’t. You will still be able to access the resources and replays that were included in the month(s) you were an active member. After each session, you will receive the monthly handbook which is stuffed to the brim with exercises, meditations and resources alongside the monthly recording.

Do membership prices increase?

Membership prices can increase at any time but your prices will be fixed at your starting rate for the duration of your membership.

Can’t Find The Answer You Were Looking For?

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Terms & Conditions