Soul Business Experience

Create space for your soul in your business

Discover how your business can transform to express your inner spirit in every action.


Learn the practical steps you need to take to turn intuition into impact.

Your business is here to create change, not to replicate what has always been.

There is transformation in your DNA that your business can ignite in the people you are here to impact.

New thinking, new tools, new actions are needed.

You cannot unlock this using the old tools or the old thinking.

You need to be totally free to create on your terms. This will happen naturally when you build the inner connection and confidence to forge your own path with your business.

Develop the essential skills to build a soul-full business

Explore your soul truths

Connect to your business's mission

Find the words and energy to share your soul work

Soul Business will ignite your intuition and shift your business into a new dynamic

where it can thrive in the changing landscape of entrepreneurship

Our Core Themes

Soul Desire

Soul Expression

Soul Work

Develop the resilience of being true to the soul

energies within your business and prepare to transition smoothly through the many changes ahead of us.

Being true and honest to your self in thought and expression will turn your business into a work of your soul.

This level of energetic freedom will release you from the

expectations and benchmarks of business as you have known it and open the door to a new way of being and flourishing.

There are 3 pathways to experience this journey

Soul Business is open to everyone who is seeking to bring more of their true selves into their business.

The core experience will be the same for everyone.

The depth of experience will depend upon your investment of time and energy.

Whichever pathway you choose, you will be more deeply connected to who you are and what you want to create in your life.

This will extend way beyond your business, because your business is just part of who you are and how you make a difference to others.

The energy that emanates from your soul will be moving through you in the actions you take and the way you show up in life.

You will have a deep connection to your business and be actively working with it as an expression of your soul energy and purpose. You will have clarity on your soul work, the actions you need to take and the energy you need to embody to fulfil your business’s potential.

The elements of earth, air, fire and water will be our guides on this journey to ensure you experience the full range of creative expression and nurture the confidence and presence of holding the energy that moves through your business

You will see your expression, your work, your presence through the eyes of the elements and understand the many dimensions open to you to create your business.

You will explore the energies that run through your business and understand how to work with them on a practical day to day basis to create growth on every level.

Working with water, you will understand more of your soul identity and desires.

Working with earth, you will understand how to embody your soul purpose in your actions and creations.

Working with air, you will experience creating the energetic structures to hold and expand your energy in motion.

Working with fire, you will find the expansive confidence of expressing energy and catalysing transformation in others.

Each month we will explore a specific aspect of a soul business focusing on 3 core areas of soul desire, soul expression and soul work.

The experience will take a holistic journey through your business bringing more soul into every aspect and action.

From the creative energy that inspired and initiated your business through to the relationships you forge with your community, your business will become a true reflection of your soul.

Which pathway will you choose?

DIY Expansion


Weekly content releases and self paced activities.

Access to an online support space to help you move through and get results.

Guided Expansion


Live calls to guide you through the weekly content releases

Energetics practices

Expansion activities for you and your business.

Access to an online support space.

Group Mastermind


Mastermind group to support you as you dive into the energetics of your soul business

Mentoring support in a dedicated space

Live calls to guide you through the weekly content releases.

Energetics practices

Expansion activities for you and your business.

Access to an online support space plus life time access to my exclusive client resources and support.

You are unique

Your business is unique

Flexible choices give you the freedom to give your business the support it needs right now



A 12 week journey on your own terms and time with the support of a community of entrepreneurs on a similar journey


Live and interactive calls, replays, energy activations and in depth support to shift your business into a new presence and level of impact.


An intimate space offering deep support as you unlock your most powerful soul expression into your business and step into your future energy.

You can upgrade at any point

Payment plans are available, click through to view .

Payment is by Stripe, if you would like to pay by PayPal or bank transfer this can be arranged.

Terms & Conditions can be viewed here


Drop me an email here or head to my Telegram channel

Not sure which pathway is right for you?

It's not about the money, it's about where you are in your journey.

If bringing more soul into your business is something that is only just becoming clear to you, then the best path for you is DIY. You will still have support and if things move really quickly, you can upgrade.

If you have been trying to be more soul-full and conscious in your business but it isn't really landing or feels patchy or your success is inconsistent, then the group option is going to guide you to address the aspects that are holding you back. If you find yourself needing to go deeper, you can upgrade.

If you have been working intuitively for some time and things just aren't shifting and your frustration levels are rising, I would recommend the mastermind option where you will get the depth of support to deal with the issues blocking your business's transformation.

This journey is yours.

Go with what feels right.

Trust yourself.

Thinking about joining the group or mastermind?

Here's some important information

I'm UK based and calls will be early afternoon UK time. The programme will run over the autumn time change, which may have an impact for you depending on when or if you shift in and out of daylight savings. The UK will change onto UTC/GMT on 30th October.

Replays will be available and support in the group spaces will be available throughout the UK day.

If you are keen to join but would like to flex the payment plan a little more, don't be afraid to ask. It might just be possible!

If you want to pay using PayPal or Wise, please ask. I'm very happy to set this up for you.

Want to chat before you decide? Let's organise a time for you to ask all the questions you need to.