Bespoke Business Mentoring from Polly Hearsey

Business is Evolving

It is no longer viable or sustainable to continue with the old approaches. Your future clients are looking for something different.

So much has changed, so much is changing within the world and within the business world too.

Your business needs to transform.

And take its place as a leader of those changes.

Making the shift from the old models and practices is more than making the decision to ditch them.

Underpinning every decision and choice you make is a complex web of conditioned beliefs that you have sub-consciously adopted within your business.

Societal beliefs impact every aspect of business and mostly they live below the surface. These are stopping you from moving into the new dynamic and keeping your business developments firmly in the old energy.

If you have been experiencing a glass ceiling effect in your business expansion, it is these beliefs that are keeping your creative juices in check and blocking your intuitive genius.

Feeling the Frequency

I am a firm believer that energy can guide us through the maze and winding paths of these beliefs to follow our inner wisdom. Business is not as complex as endless gurus would have you believe. It is and should be simple.

Simplicity lets the energy flow and allows creativity to do its work in the world. The fast route through all these impediments is to feel the frequency and be guided by it.

The old beliefs, systems and approaches fall away when you follow the energy making space for the new to come into form.

Expression into Form

Every business is a unique expression of creative energy.

How it is designed and brought to the world is of the utmost importance.

There can be no off the shelf solutions that will allow this unique energy to do its work.

What your business needs is unique to your business.

We find the answers in the energy.

The energy that runs through your business is a rich mosaic of elemental frequencies.

They reflect the nature and purpose not only of your business but the alchemy of this energy with your own energy of expression.

The elements are the energies of creation. It is through them that we can bring intention into form, idea to reality and desire into expression.

Working with the elements is a way to break out of the restraints of the old and connect with your true nature and the true energy of your business.

Business Energetics

Business Energetics is a unique approach that will connect you to these frequencies and guide you to understand and work with them in practical ways. You will be empowered to create what your business needs to thrive and to release everything that holds it in check.

It is a totally flexible mentoring experience that is adapted to what you need.

It is theme based and these themes are continuously addressed throughout your mentoring so that no stone is left unturned as we root out all that is holding you back.

Through the lens of your energy, the energy of your business and the alchemy of the two, we will explore 6 central themes to support your journey of expansion.

The 6 themes


Your business has a mission that is perfectly attuned to your soul mission. It's bigger than you think and will lead you to greater expansion of self and greater impact in the world.


You and your business need capacity to create, to connect, to expand and to receive. Capacity is physical and energetic and we will develop it on both levels.


Your business is bringing an energy of transformation to your clients. Truly understanding the nature of this energy and the impact it will have will amplify your presence and communication.


The alchemy of energy that runs through you and your business has a unique signature that has immense presence. Learn to hold this presence and share it with the world.


The design of your business and the style of your communication is the key to creative expression that connects with your future clients.


There are many strands of energy and consciousness at play within your business. Our job is to bring them all into harmony with the core frequencies so that your business can sing its song for all to hear.

Elemental Business Influences

Throughout our collaboration, you will also be collaborating with the elements.

They will inform and guide you to a new understanding of your business and open you up to new opportunities.

You will unlock their creative powers to bring growth and vitality to your business.

Mission, Presence, Expression

Fire energy leads all business activities that inspire, motivate and activate your audience, your community and your clients. Fire determines how this comes to form and how it is experienced by others.

Capacity, Design, Response

Earth Energy leads business activities that create form from energy. Earth determines the structures and approaches you design into your business to respond to the energy flowing through it.

Transformation, Expansion, Creativity

Air energy leads business activities that stretch you into new territory and guide your clients into deep transformation. Air breaks you out of the mould and expands your perception of possibility.

Harmony, Connection, Acceptance

Water energy leads business activities that connect you to yourself and to others. Water is where you resource yourself to expand and where you travel deep with your clients to unlock their potential.

This mentoring pathway is an intuitive, energy led business development experience that will completely reframe your approach as an entrepreneur.

Our job is to find the freedom and joy that comes from allowing the true nature of expression to flow.

We will journey through the purpose and soul of your business.

We will simplify and streamline its structures to allow energy to flow and transformation to happen.

We will work with the unique codes of your business to design experiences which will bring its full power to your clients.

We will translate this energy into your communications and connection strategies to amplify your presence and reception by your future clients.

If you are ready to explore this further, book a call here.

Details and Practicalities

There are no set timescales. The support you will receive will be tailored to you.

Typically it will take around 6 months to work through all the themes and support you to integrate and implement all that we cover. A significant part of our time together will be helping you to recalibrate and orientate to a very different way of working. You will have plenty of space to make the adjustments and come into balance with your new dynamic. We do not rush. We are creating space for the new to be birthed and that happens in its own time.

There is no metering of sessions. Typically you would have a one to one session every other week, but sometimes you will need more and sometimes less.

I will always be available to support in between sessions.

When we come to the end of our collaboration, we do not come to the end of our relationship. I continue to share energy and resources with my clients past and present to support their ongoing journey. You will be welcome within my client community for as long as you wish to be there.

Bespoke Business Mentoring is £4750.

You can create your own payment plan over a 6 month period. As long as your first payment is at least 1/6th of the total, we can agree a plan that works for you. You can, of course, pay in full if that works better for you. There is no penalty for a payment plan nor discount for paying in full.

How will your business react to this approach?

Let's get together to talk it through.

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