Connecting you to the Energy of Your business to create a unique

Business & Marketing Blueprint that delivers your soul purpose


You opened your heart to the vision of bringing your soul purpose into reality through your business. You took the courageous step to begin a new reality for yourself. 


In those first steps of bringing that feeling into form you understood the vastness of what lay before you. No doubt you also quailed before the enormity of deciding what to do first. 


Which step will move you forward and which will take you backward? 


How do you know which step is the right one, out of the multitude of possibilities and the infinite distractions of what is accepted as the “right” way to create results? 


There really is only one thing you need to know and trust. Your energy.  

It will guide you into becoming the expanded self that you need to become to deliver your soul vision. 

Go your own Way

Underpinning your business is a system of powerful energies that you can work with to help you gain clarity of action and direction. These energies are unique to you and your business. They match the soul vision that you are seeking to bring into form.  


All of these energies can flow through you to bring inspiration and passion to life.  Consciously connecting to these energies and bringing them into your daily business practices and activities will give you confidence and clarity on each step you need to take towards your soul vision.  


There are simple, clear steps that you can take to elevate your business above the noise and confusion. You can ignore the latest trends of what “works” and focus on the energy and wisdom of your business as the guide to the most impactful and powerful actions you can take.  


Connecting to the energies of your business will take you further than you believed possible when you set out on this journey. 

Great things await you.

The Fullness of Self


These energies run in the background for all of us.  Every now and then they pop through into our awareness and give us glimpses of what is possible and who we can become. Then the head takes over again and the clarity of direction is lost.  


The difference you can make, through your business, begins with consciously connecting to the energies of your business. There are several distinct but interwoven energies working for your business. Connecting with them and bringing them into partnership with you, gives you access to new possibilities that will stretch your vision to new dimensions.  


You will see the fullness of what you can make real and what you are here to do. You will see beyond what is to what will be. And how to get there.   


When you achieve this depth of connection to your self and your purpose, it ignites a confidence and passion that draws in those who are looking for that fire within themselves. The depth of connection to self deepens your connection to others. It is the key to growing your audience and nurturing your community as you journey together toward a transformation that only you can bring into their realities.   


Profound impact begins with you. And accepting the fullness of potential and possibility that you hold within you.


Soul Connection

The Energetic Marketing Map 

Programme Details

Call 1


Our first session is where we will review your goals and the challenges you want to rise above.


We will review your unique elemental energy map and prepare your for your first full session. 


Call 2

Energetic Connection 

We will connect to the energies of your business and begin your conscious partnership with them. 


You will create your own practice for working with the energies and translating them into business tools.  


Call 3

Energetic Translation 

We will translate these energies into a unique business model and core message. 


You will use only activities that bring your strongest energy into play to amplify the transformation you create. 

Call 4

Energetic Journey 

We will design a journey that matches the energetic direction of your business. 


Create offers and services that take you, your audience and your clients on a guided journey to transformation. 

Call 5

Energetic Impact 

Master your positioning and authority building using energetics. 


Create a sustainable audience growth and community nurturing strategy that feeds your energy and cultivates impact. 

Call 6

Energetic Consolidation 

The final session is an opportunity to review everything we have worked on, plan your journey forward and consolidate your partnership with the energies you have brought into your business. 


it is a working tool to support you in stepping fully into your self and your purpose with confidence and clarity. 

Investment £2000 

includes 4 weeks of follow up support and access to all paid courses and masterclasses for the duration of your programme. Payment plans are available.

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