Creating unique business & Marketing solutions for soul led success

You took the courageous step to begin a new journey, to bring your soul purpose into reality through your business.


In those first steps of bringing that feeling into form you understood the vastness of what lay before you.

No doubt you also quailed before the enormity of what to do first. What will move you forward and what won't?


How do you know which choice is the right one, out of the multitude of possibilities and the infinite distractions of what is accepted as the “right” way to create results?


There really is only one thing you need to know and trust.


Your energy. 


It will guide you into becoming the expanded self that you need to become to deliver your soul vision. 

Go your own Way

Underpinning your business is a system of powerful energies that you can work with to help you gain clarity of action and direction. These energies are unique to you and your business. They match the soul vision that you are seeking to bring into form. 


All of these energies flow through you to bring inspiration and passion to life. 


Consciously connecting to these energies and bringing them into your daily business practices and activities will give you confidence and clarity on each step you need to take towards your soul vision. 


There are simple, clear steps you can take to elevate your business above the noise and confusion. You can ignore the latest trends of what “works” and focus on the energy and wisdom of your business. Let it be your guide to the most impactful and powerful actions. 


Connecting to the energies of your business will take you further than you ever believed possible. 


The Fullness of Self

These energies run in the background for all of us.  Every now and then they pop through into our awareness and give us glimpses of what is possible and who we can become. Then our head takes over again and the clarity of direction is lost. 


Conscious connection and partnership with these energies can change all that and create dramatic shifts and movement in your business.

There are several distinct but interwoven energies working for your business. Connecting with them and bringing them into partnership with you gives you access to new possibilities that will stretch your vision to new dimensions.  You will see the fullness of what you can make real and what you are here to do.

You will see beyond what is to what will be

And how to get there


When you achieve this depth of connection to your self and your purpose, it ignites a confidence and passion that draws in those who are looking for that fire within themselves. The depth of connection to self deepens your connection to others.

It is the key to growing your audience and nurturing your community as you journey together toward a transformation that only you can bring into their realities.  Conscious connection and partnership is the key to sustainable growth and transformational impact.


It begins with you

Accept the fullness of potential and possibility that you hold within you

Soul Connection

The Energetic Marketing Map

Call 1
The Essence of You

Finding the change that you alone can create in the world is the beginning of our journey.

Reveal the transformation which is intrinsic to your soul mission and bring it to life in your business.

Call 2
Business Energetics

Connect to the energies of your business and begin your conscious partnership with them. Create your own practice for working with the energies and translating them into business tools. 

Call 3
Energetic Expression

Collaborate with the energies to create a unique business model and core message. Learn which types activities bring the strongest energy into play to support and amplify the transformation you are creating.

Call 4
Creating the Journey

Design a journey that matches the energetic direction of your business. Bring forward offers and services that take you, your audience and your clients on a guided journey to transformation. 

Call 5
Amplifying Impact

Master your positioning and authority building using energetics. Create a sustainable audience growth and community nurturing strategy that feeds your energy and cultivates impact.

Call 6

The final session is an opportunity to review everything we have worked on, plan your journey forward and consolidate the friendships, support and connections built throughout the programme. 

Individual Experiences

What will you experience in this programme?

The one thing I know is that the energy of your business will do the talking. You may be surprised at what comes up for you.

You will definitely expand your vision of what's available to you.

You will see your next level and begin your personal transformation.

"I appreciate Polly’s work on a deep level and was fortunate to participate in the Soul Connection program.

As promised and expected Polly created a unique perspective and guided us to new and unexpected outcomes. It’s been a pleasure to expand my business with clear direction utilizing the skills and tools that Polly offered.

Each day brings greater clarity and recognition of the ways in which I can continue to grow my gifts while offering substance and quality to my clients.

I truly can’t say enough to express my delight and excitement for what is unfolding for me and the people I co-create with."

Brenda Bacon

"I took part in Polly’s Soul Connection experience and it was incredibly helpful.

Not only does Polly pack in a ton of valuable content, it caused me to really look at my business and motivation.

Ultimately, what I went in expecting about my business was not what I left with, but it was exactly what I needed.

If you are looking for a deep dive that challenges you, this would be the place. 

Have an open heart and go for it to get true results."

Becky Schoonover


Energy & Action Planning Sessions

Each quarter throughout 2019, you can join a live session to connect to the energy of the coming quarter to plan your actions and expansion goals.

Support & Feedback

Every member of Soul Connection will receive a one to one session to go deeper into your growth.

A private Facebook group offers you safe space for support and feedback .

Energetics Masterclasses

All currently available Energetics Masterclasses are included in the programme bundle, plus all upcoming 2019 masterclasses.

Early Bird Bonus

Sign up by 11th April for a Soul Mission to Business Vision Activation Session

Dive into your soul essence and the translation of your unique purpose into a business vision.

Gain deep clarity and focus to fuel your growth.

An Extra Extra

Packaging & Pricing your programmes & Services

Create a high transformation package for your clients, price it energetically and plan your campaign to fill it

Exclusive masterclass

Soul Connection is more than strategy

It's energy in action

The Energetic Marketing Map is a working tool to support you to step fully into your self and your purpose with confidence and clarity. 

12 weeks of rapid growth

We begin April 2019

6 live and interactive group calls

Investment £1200

(payment plans available)

Clicking the button will take you to MemberVault, where you will be able to choose your payment option, review the terms and receive your welcome instructions. 

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