Release the Power of your Soul Expression  

There’s no getting around it. You have a unique part to play in the world.


You know it

You feel it


but being it?

well that's a whole different ball game 


You know you are here to transform through your being.


That this is yours and yours alone to create.


But what is “this”?   


It's form is eluding you. 


It feels so close, yet so far away - like it is brushing the tips of your fingers as you reach out to grasp it but it slips away every time you think you have it.. 


What you are here to create - it isn't out there. It's inside of you and it is asking to be seen and expressed into form. 


Your soul is yearning to create what you are here to create, impact those you are here to impact and help raise the collective into a new reality.  The power to change your reality is waiting for you to activate it 

To be yourself, you have to see yourself

Embodying your soul expression is a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. 


You have to be prepared to see yourself. When the whole world is building up expectations of who you should be and what you should do, seeing the truth of yourself is tough. And the toughest part is seeing what you shine at, the magic that you bring, the essence of your being. . Beyond the self-doubt and stories that hold you back from truly seeing your potential is the knowing that you truly are one of a kind. Appreciating this truth is probably the toughest challenge there is. 


Seeing yourself needs courage and focus 


When you see yourself, you have taken the first step to embodying your purpose. 


You will have opened the path to embody your essence and fully express it through your life and work. This is a journey that you cannot avoid. You are a leader, catalyst, transformer… the power of purpose and possibility can only come from your soul when you allow it to BE. 


You are infinitely creative and without limitation.

Releasing Expression



Releasing your soul purpose into expression and form is the foundation to making it manifest and aligning your reality with your essence. Without the foundation, your direction and focus will shift and change constantly. You will be pulled in all directions and never feel like you are moving forwards with full purpose. 


Putting the foundation in place is the solution and to create it you need a guide, an advocate and a navigator to open up the pathways before you. Because none of us is objective enough to see the whole picture alone.


This is why I created the Soul Expression Immersion. It is the foundational piece to a strong, sustainable and flourishing business that speaks your soul truth. I created it so that you can see the "you" that I already see. My gift is to see what lies within you and before you and guide you to bringing it into form. I will show you the "you" who has the freedom to be on the outside what you already have within you. 


Using my unique approaches of Creative Soul Visioning and Essence Mapping we will define your unique gift of transformation. Exploring your qualities, strengths and vision will give you clarity of purpose and direction to deliver the transformation that you are here for. 


With open pathways before you, you will have the confidence and clarity to see and take the next step in your journey. You will have a deeper understanding of your unique rhythm of creation and the energetic anchors that empower you to connect what you feel to what you do. You will be able to embody the unique expression of your soul through your life and work. 


A Soul Expression Immersion is a one to one laser mentoring programme taking place over a 2 week time frame. It will re-focus and re-centre you on your soul path and open the doors to more powerful self-expression and creative flow. Your energy and your business will be boosted and your confidence in yourself will sky rocket. 

Ready to express yourself without limitation? 

Applications for Soul Expression Immersions are now open..

Immersions are available for £555 (payment plan available) and can be reserved for £55 

Please read the terms before submitting your payment, by continuing with payment you consent to the terms.



Is this for entrepreneurs only?


I work with entrepreneurs who are expressing their soul purpose through their business. However, the focus of the immersion is primarily on you, not your business. What we cover will be as valuable to life in general as it is to your expression through your business.


If you are an entrepreneur, the immersion will create a solid foundation for a flouishing business. Business development and marketing are the next steps on from this work. Before you can express yourself within your business – be seen and get results – you need to know who you are and what you are here to bring forward. 


If you are not an entrepreneur, the immersion will give you greater clarity about what you are “here for”. You will appreciate your strengths, energy and contribution with greater clarity and understand how to apply this to your life path. 


How long is the programme? 


The main bulk of our work together will take place over 2 to 3 weeks. Before we begin, there will be some preparation that will take about 1 hour of your time. You can spend more time than this if you choose. We will connect before we begin, to explore what you specifically want to bring forward.


Then we will have 2 x 60 minute sessions over a 2 to 3 week period. In between sessions, you will need to spend some time reflecting on our discussions and completing any agreed activities.


The greatest investment you can make with this programme is to set aside time to sit with what we explore and let the next steps come forward. 


Is there any support to help implement what we cover?


Absolutely, please reach out to clarify anything you need to during the programme. After you complete your sessions, you will have a few weeks to consider, process and integrate everything we cover and then we will have a follow up session. 


Can I pay by installments?


If you do not wish to pay in full once your reservation fee is received, you can make 2 x monthly payments of £250.

Immerse Yourself 

Please read the terms before submitting your payment.

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