Your Soul's Desire

When you can't hear your inner voice

a huge part of you is shut down.

One of the biggest causes is denial.

Your inner voice is quite clearly telling you that you can have everything you can dream of. What could be scarier?

It's easier to not hear it than to believe you are worth it.

As an entrepreneur who depends upon their intuition, this is inevitably going to cause you some challenges.

Clarity will be elusive.

Confidence will be hard to come by.

Self-criticism will be at an all time high.

Doubt will rule your day (and night).

This world of ours is noisy. it is far too easy to allow the noise to dominate and the stillness to be eroded.

Your soul's desire is drowned out by the expectations and pressures that come at you from every single direction.

Except one.

What you desire wants to speak to you.

But it won't push.

It needs to be allowed in.

Join me to create some stillness and space to hear your soul's desire.

In keeping with the energetic trend for 2022, this is an opportunity to hear and act.

Your Soul's Desire is a free workshop where you will:

Come face to face with your unique and individual challenge of acknowledging your desire.

Get clear on what you truly desire.

Begin to take action to create that desire.

The workshop is available on demand

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